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The Good Old Computer Scams Just Keep Coming

Regardless of the computer user’s vigilance, computer scams can catch you out – and cost you money!

If you have ever tried to call Microsoft and speak to a human then I take my hat off to your patience! It’s like searching for and then finding the Holy Grail, and so why would they call you, and moreover why would they know your phone number?

Answer a phone call from someone purporting to be from Microsoft and it might as well be from Great Uncle Archibald who died in the Crimean War.

Microsoft doesn’t make calls. Full Stop!!  

The caller is probably of African or Indian origin and will inform you that they have your system on line – it’s probably switched off – and that they can see you have several serious security issues that they can resolve for you. Isn’t that wonderful, someone looking out for you? The caller cannot see your system anymore than your Great Uncle Archibald can from his grave!

Under no circumstances agree to pay to have these issues resolved. The caller can’t do this, but in the process they get your credit card details which will allow them to do their Christmas shopping!

Another method used to extract your hard earned cash manifests itself by way of a “pop-up” looking like a “Windows security Alert”. This one means that your system security, anti virus, has let through what is commonly called a Trojan. Now you will see a tab that suggests that by simply clicking, the problem that has been identified can be removed. Guess what, when you do this you will be invited to part with money!

Believe me, there is no threat or virus on your system apart from the Trojan itself. Switch the system off and seek help from a computer expert – unless you are sufficiently adept at dealing with this type of problem and know how to remove it yourself.

Fasthosts Respond to Twitter Comment

Micro Genie have been a customer of Fasthosts for over 11 years, but after looking around at other providers we found that most other hosts don’t charge extra for SMTP Outgoing Mail,, Blogs on an already hosted domain and a whole host of other little niggling items which over the years  have amounted to a few wasted ££££’s.

The outcome of this review is that we decided to move to another provider namely Heart Internet, which we have been implementing over the past few months. On the 28th October 2012  we informed Fasthosts of the fact in a normal Support Request whilst requesting some information about the change. Fashosts did not respond to the Support Request at all despite us chasing it with four “Updates” over 5 days.  It was only when we got fed up and decided to Tweet about the incident that Fashosts finally responded and they responded with 11 minutes which is amazing.

So if you use Fasthosts and ever want a quick response try Twitter, it is obviously monitored, just a suggestion but maybe Fasthosts  should use the manpower they have monitoring Twitter to deal with Support Requests more efficiently.

Microsoft to Compensate PreOrder Surface Customers

Rumor has it that Microsoft is giving it’s UK customers who pre ordered the Surface RT, a use once coupon to the value of £50.00  to spend at its online store.

While this may please some people, I honestly think Microsoft are missing the point and they should of displayed the actual delivery date online at the time of purchase so that customers can make informed decisions as to whether they proceed or not and if they do then that date should then form part of the contract.

Microsoft have still not explained why UK customers didn’t receive their Surface’s on time.

Pre Ordered Microsoft Surface Delivery Failure

Surprise! Surprise!, the Pre Ordered Microsoft Surface with Windows RT was NOT delivered as scheduled on the launch date 26th October 2012. I placed the order in good time on the 17th October 2012. My delivery date as stated on the Microsoft Store is the 2nd November 2012, no less than 7 days after the launch.

Surely the whole point of Pre Ordering is to get the product on the “Launch Date”  without having to queue up in the wind and rain outside PC World

I contacted Microsoft Store on the UK number only to be told by someone in India that they didn’t have any contact with the warehouse to trace my order, probably because the warehouse is in Japan or China.

When are these big companies going to learn about customer service, people Pre Order because they want the product on the “Launch Date” not 7 days after, be honest with people if your not going to be able to deliver on time then make that clear on the order form so we can make an informed decision.


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